The Ghost of Christmas Past

Scrooge sees his lonely life in the past. (Part 2)
  • 1You will be visited by three ghosts tonight, Scrooge.
  • 2No! I don't want to see anyone!
  • 3Listen to me! They will show you many things.
  • 4You don't have to be like me, Scrooge. Change your life.
  • 5Marley's ghost soon disappeared.
  • 6Scrooge hardly fell asleep but a flash of light woke him up.
  • 7Who's there?
  • 8I'm the Ghost of Christmas Past.
  • 9My past?
  • 10Yes, your past. Come with me.
  • 11Scrooge took the ghost by the hand and they flew out of the window.
  • 12Suddenly, they were near a schoolhouse with happy children playing outside.
  • 13This is my old schoolhouse.
  • 14Look! There is one lonely boy inside.
  • 15Scrooge looked inside and saw himself as a sad young boy.
  • 16Suddenly, they were outside of a different building.
  • 17This is my old job. He's my old boss, Mr. Fezziwig.
  • 18People were having a happy Christmas party, including the young Scrooge.
  • 19Scrooge looked up to see a different scene.
  • 20He saw himself as a young man sitting next to a pretty woman.
  • 21You love money more than me.
  • 22I don't want to see you again. Goodbye!
  • 23As she walked away, the young Scrooge sat and cried.
  • 24Please, no more! I can't stand it!
  • 25The ghost disappeared and he realized he was lying on his bed.
  • 26After a while, he fell asleep and was woken by a tall ghost with a green robe.
  • 27I'm the Ghost of Christmas Present.
  • 28Okay. I'm ready to learn from whatever you will show me.
  • 29Good. Hold onto my robe.
  • 30Suddenly, they were on the streets of London.
  • 31That's my assistant Bob's house.
  • 32Scrooge looked inside and saw Bob's wife and two daughters preparing dinner.
  • 33Just then, Bob came back home with his son.
  • 34Tim had a brace on his leg and used a crutch