The Big Bang Theory: Penny's Christmas Gift to Sheldon

Penny surprises Sheldon with an autographed napkin signed by "Star Trek" actor Leonard Nimoy.
  • 1Merry Christmas.
  • 2Merry Christmas.
  • 3How's your leg?
  • 4Very good, thanks for asking. Come on in.
  • 5Oh! Good, Penny, you're here to exchange gifts.
  • 6You'll be pleased to know I'm prepared for whatever you have to offer.
  • 7Okay, here.
  • 8I should note, I'm having some digestive distress...
  • if I excuse myself abruptly, don't be alarmed.
  • 10Oh! A napkin.
  • 11Turn it over.
  • 12"To Sheldon, live long and prosper. Leonard Nimoy".
  • 13He came into the restaurant. Sorry the napkin's dirty. He wiped his mouth with it.
  • 14I possess the DNA of Leonard Nimoy?!
  • 15Well,...
  • 16...yeah, yeah, I guess. But look, he signed it.
  • 17Do you realize what this means?
  • 18All I need is a healthy ovum and I can grow my own Leonard Nimoy!
  • 19Okay, all I'm giving you is the napkin, Sheldon.
  • 20Be right back