How to Make Christmas Snow Globe Cookies

Learn how to make fun desserts for a holiday party.
  • 1Hi, I'm Erica Clark, Food Editor for Parents Magazine.
  • 2I'm gonna show you how to make adorable, edible snow globes out of chocolate sandwich cookies.
  • 3All you need is a White Fudge Covered Oreo, a Grasshopper Fudge Mint Cookie,...
  • 4...vanilla Candy Melts and assorted cookie icy decorations such as sprinkles and edible glitter.
  • 5You can also use food-safe markers if you'd like to draw on your snow globe.
  • 6Spoon on some warm Candy Melts, sprinkle the sugar to form a snowbank,...
  • 7...and perch the penguin on top of it.
  • 8Once you've finished decorating your Oreo,...
  • can use Candy Melt to attach it to the mint cookie.
  • 10The Oreo will be vertical and the cookie will be horizontal,...
  • it looks like a real snow globe.
  • 12And there you have it, a snack-worthy snow globe