The True Meaning of Christmas

People share their thoughts about Christmas and what it really means to them.
What do you think about when it comes to Christmas?
Holidays? Joy? Spirit of giving? Fun with family? End of year and start of new one? Great food? Christmas trees, lights, decorations, music and singing together? Snow, presents, Santa Claus? Tell us!
  • 1When you say Christmas, I think of lots of toys and presents.
  • 2Oh, I think at the end of the year,...
  • 3...end of the long year and the start of a new one.
  • 4Everyone coming together and exchanging presents and everyone just being happy, yeah.
  • 5I think about Jesus' birthday and yeah, just family being together and yeah, good.
  • 6Okay, gifts, holidays, yes, spirit of giving.
  • 7Yeah, Christmas time, Christmas trees, family, gifts, presents.
  • 8All that, good time.
  • 9Okay, Christmas means family and happiness to me.
  • 10To me, Christmas means spending time with your family and getting presents.
  • 11I think Christmas trees, decorations, lights, music, singing together.
  • 12I think Christmas is the time of joy and presents.
  • 13You'll feel love on Christmas.
  • 14Everyone is showing love and you feel happiness and joy.
  • 15Yeah, I think every people are friendly at this time and enjoy the time and I think it's very nice.
  • 16Families come together, spend a lot of time together.
  • 17Maybe through the year, they don't see each other,...
  • they all come together and yeah, love and joy