Movies Based on Books

There are times when the movie is very different from the book it is based on, and it becomes disappointing.
  • 1Does the Movie Always Faithfully Represent the Book?
  • 2It does not seem easy to create an outstanding movie on the silver screen out of an outstanding book.
  • 3Sometimes, the movie is better than the book,...
  • 4...or at least as good as the book.
  • 5But other times, though the movie says "based on the story written by..."
  • is very different from the book, in a not - so - good way.
  • 7A good example is the movie "Starship Troopers".
  • 8My friend read the book with the same title.
  • 9When we were college students, it was announced that a movie was going to be made from this book.
  • 10And he was extremely excited and looked forward to the movie's release with great anticipation.
  • 11But when he saw the movie, he was very disappointed.
  • 12The book is science fiction,...
  • 13...but is thick on political discourse and philosophical hypothesis,...
  • 14...and discusses moral responsibilities to become a good member of modern society.
  • 15But the movie was shallow and did not touch on the deeper insights into life issues highlighted by the book.
  • 16Although there are many constraints a director faces when going from a book to a movie,...
  • 17...I think the biggest obstacle preventing a movie from faithfully representing the book it's based on, is the director himself.
  • 18Creative license to change the story is understandable,...
  • 19...but going overboard is sure to disappoint those who have read the book before seeing the movie