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Genre Drama
Director Alain Gsponer
Cast Anuk Steffen, Bruno Ganz, Isabelle Ottmann
  • Release Date 16/06/2016
  • Category I
  • Duration 111 mins
  • Country Germany, Switzerland

Heidi is an orphan who spends the happiest days of her childhood together with her grandfather, Almöhi. They are cut off from the outside world in a simple cabin in the Swiss mountains. Together with her friend Peter, she takes care of Almöhi's goats and enjoys freedom in the mountains to the fullest.

But these carefree times come to an abrupt end when Heidi is taken to Frankfurt by her aunt Dete. The idea is for her to stay with the family of the wealthy Mr. Sesemann and be a playmate for his wheelchair-bound daughter Klara, while also learning to read and write under the supervision of the strict nanny.

The two girls soon become friends and Klara's grandmother awakes a passion for books in Heidi. However, Heidi’s longing for her beloved mountains and Almöhi grows ever stronger…


  • Heidi


    An orphan, she was brought to her grandfather at the Alp, where they gradually developed a close relationship. But then the news arrives that the girl has a place with a family in Frankfurt.

  • Almohi


    Heidi’s grandfather. At first, he does not want Heidi to live with him, but slowly and surely Heidi wins over him.

  • Klara


    Heidi’s new friend in Frankfurt. The death of her mother had made her so sad that her legs would not move any more.