The Young and Prodigious T.S. Spivet

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Genre Adventure, Drama
Director Jean-Pierre Jeunet
Cast Helena Bonham Carter, Judy Davis, Callum Keith Rennie, Kyle Catlett
  • Release Date 09/07/2015
  • Category IIA
  • Duration 105 mins
  • Country France

T.S. Spivet lives on a remote ranch in Montana with his parents, his sister Gracie and his brother Layton. He is a gifted child with a passion for science, and has invented a perpetual motion machine. For this, he has been awarded the prestigious Baird Prize by the Smithsonian Institution in Washington!

He leaves a note for his family and hops a freight train to make his way across the United States and receive his prize.

But no one there suspects that the lucky winner is a ten-year-old child with a very dark secret…


  • T.S. Spivet

    A ten-year-old child who has won a prize for his invention of a perpetual motion machine.

  • Dr Clair

    T.S. Spivet’s mother, who has spent most of her life studying miniscule creatures under a magnifying glass, before classifying them into species and sub-species. And also... blowing out toasters!

  • Father

    Born a hundred years too late, T.S. Spivet’s father has the mind and soul of a cowboy. He considers talking a necessary chore, a lot like shoeing horses.