All About Giraffes

Let's learn about Giraffes!
  • 1Let's learn about Giraffes!
  • 2With long, long necks, and long legs, giraffes are the tallest living land animals.
  • 3Some giraffes reach a height of more than 17 feet.
  • 4They're mammals, which means they are warm-blooded,...
  • 5...they have fur, and they feed their babies milk.
  • 6Giraffes live in Africa, south of the Sahara Desert.
  • 7They prefer to live in open woodland or grassland,...
  • 8...where they eat the leaves from trees that other animals can't reach.
  • 9Giraffes are herbivores or plant-eaters.
  • 10They can eat leaves from acacia trees...
  • 11...because their long tongues and tough lips let them eat around the thorns.
  • 12Lions will sometimes kill and eat giraffes,...
  • 13...but usually the giraffes' long necks lets them see trouble coming...
  • 14...and they just run away before the lions can catch them.
  • 15That's why giraffes travel in herds.
  • 16There's always someone watching for trouble.
  • 17To stay safe, giraffes stay standing up almost all of the time.
  • 18They eat standing up, they sleep standing up...
  • 19...they even have their babies while they're standing up.