Agree with / on / to

Can 'agree with' be used for things (opinion)? Or must we use 'agree on'?

There are many ways to use the verb 'agree', and they can mean slightly different things:

agree with somebody (on something) (= have the same opinion)

e.g. We agreed with him on this issue.
e.g. I agree with you.

Note that the verb 'agree' can be both transitive or intransitive. So in this example, you may also say 'I agree' and the meaning is the same.

agree on something (to decide something together)

e.g. We agreed on the date of the test.

agree to something / do something  (to accept a suggestion or idea)

e.g. We agree to the plans.
e.g. Mrs Lee agreed to postpone the test.

Do you agree that English is so very interesting?