'See', 'watch' and 'read'

I would like to know the differences of 'see', 'watch' and 'read'.

We use 'see', 'watch' and 'read' in different situations.

'See' happens without effort. We usually use 'see' with something that comes to our eyes and we 'see' something even if we don’t want to.

 I saw a car accident today. It was scary. 
 I can see two ships in the ocean. 

'Watch' means to observe something carefully for a period of time. It is an action that you choose to do – we are paying attention. We usually use 'watch' to talk about looking at events that change or develop.

 I watch TV every night.
 The cat was watching the birds.

'Read' is also an action you choose to do. We usually use 'read' with words or symbols.

 I read a book every week.
 I can't read English newspapers.

Now, do you know which word the optician should use in this situation?

Do you __________ the words clearly?