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Workshop on App development (Elementary)



  1. Introduction of the “Code2App Challenge 2020: Wellness Power-up” co-organised by HKUST-Lee Kum Kee Happy Family Learning Center and HKEdCity
  2. Introduction of how to make use of App Inventor to develop mobile apps
  • Familiarize the App Inventor 2 environment for coding and testing
  • Experience MIT AI2 Companion app on Android device for running codes
  • Understand and apply computational thinking in solving problems
  • Understand and apply programming fundamentals in loops, conditionals, and procedures
  • Practice via both unplugged and plugged programming activities
  1. Participants need to bring their own Laptop. Technical requirements are:


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Workshop on App development (Advanced)


Target: Students and teachers of primary and secondary schools

Format: Online Workshop


In this workshop you will be introduced to extend your App Inventor coding environment to interface with an external Micro:bit device. It gives you a basic sense of the Internet of Things (IoT). The workshop covers:

  1. Prepare to use a Micro:bit device
  2. Extend your App Inventor project
  3. Connect a Micro:bit in your app
  4. Understand accelerometer data of a Micro:bit
  5. Use hardware buttons on a Micro:bit


Join the Workshop in the 'Developing Android Apps with App Inventor' online course




Code2App Webinar



Imagine what your App could do if it can recognize your face. Artificial Intelligence (AI) can also tell what your current emotion is. Moving your App data to the cloud can make your data persistent across platforms and sharable between users. In this webinar we will demonstrate some advanced usage of App Inventor by empowering an App with AI and cloud database. 

Remark: You are not required to write any code during this webinar. Hands-on practice will be taught in advanced workshop.


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