Teaching Award for Business and Financial Education
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a. Theme

The focus of The Award this year is to acknowledge teachers’ innovative and motivational teaching on one of the topics related to business and financial education i.e. Business Environment or Personal Financial Management.


b. Submission items

The applicants should submit relating information and materials (collectively the ‘Works’) in Chinese or English by 6 pm, 25 January 2019. The Works should present clearly how the pedagogy, teaching resources, programmes, projects or activities they adopt can promote knowledge, skills, attitudes, motivation and behaviours in business and financial education. The Works should clearly illustrate the aims, processes and outcomes of each activity.

  1. A descriptive statement summarising your Works (60 words in Chinese; 60 words in English)

  2. Detailed lesson plan explaining the rationales, curriculum linkage, learning objectives and (expected) learning outcomes.

  3. The teaching materials that teachers are using for conducting 2-8 lessons with ~ 35 minutes each. Examples of materials are worksheet, PowerPoint etc.

  4. Student work samples like assignments, photos, videos, etc., can be optionally added in the submission. The student work will be used for judging process but not for public sharing on web.

  5. Video recording of the lessons can be optionally submitted.


1. The supported file format: PowerPoint, Word, Zip

2. The aggregated file size of submitted videos and/or multimedia content should be less than 1GB.


Judging Criteria

1. Effectiveness in developing and enhancing students’ knowledge and skills in the area of business environment and/or personal financial management 30%
2. Use of authentic and experiential learning materials and/or activities to enhance teaching effectiveness 30%
3. Positive impacts on students’ awareness and engagement in business and financial education 20%
4. Prepare students for dealing with their personal financial decision when they engage in business and financial activities such as consumption, work and investment 20%



  • The Works should be implemented in the period after September 2016.
  • The Works must be original. Participants need to guarantee that the content of the submitted works does not infringe any copyright and publication right. Please refer to the relevant ordinances. The organisers take no liability whatsoever regarding any infringement therein.
  • Participants need to have students' consent if their works include students' contribution and multimedia content.
  • The Works submitted for other similar competitions and schemes are accepted.
  • The organisers reserve the right to modify, translate, adapt, use, copy and distribute all or part of the Works, without prior consent of the participants made, for non-profit-making purposes.
  • The award results are determined by the Independent Judging Panel. Participants shall not object to the results and awards determined.
  • The organisers have the right to cancel the qualifications for whom violating any rules of the scheme or the laws of HKSAR.
  • Participants shall not upload any contents violating the laws of the HKSAR.
  • All works must not contain the contents of obscenity, violence, indecency.
  • The organisers reserve the right not to accept any works which are inappropriate or inconsistent with the specifications stated.
  • The organisers reserve the right to change the rules and other arrangements without prior notice to participants.
  • Participants should apply and submit works through the designated online platform of HKEdCity.
  • Participants are required to provide certain personal information and ensure the correctness of such information.
  • The organisers have the final determination power on the award contents and details.
  • Remarks: Last year winning works cannot be submitted again this year. The submission which is substantial similar to previous awarded works of the Award will not be qualified to participate.