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Theme of Year: Chemistry of Polymers (聚合物的化學)


Registration for the Final Competition and Award Ceremony is now open in a first come first serve basis. Please refer to the 'Schedule' and 'Enrolment' Section for details. For information about the shortlist school teams to the Final Competition, please refer to the 'Results' Section.


All PPT/PDF of the Briefing have been uploaded at the 'Briefing Session with Science Talk' Section and all potential chemists are welcome to make reference to those. 


To gain insight into the process of 'Polymerisation' and crucial steps in 'Project based learning', please click onto the Scitube Videos below and login using HKedCity account to view them, which should be elementary to conducting the project.


Nylon from hexane-1,6-diamine together with hexanedioyl chloride

  Project based learning

          Data collection

          Data analysis 


Updates of the Briefing Session has been completed, please refer to 'Briefing Session with Science Talk' for highlights. 

All teachers and students are welcome to browse Archive of Competition for details of past records to gain insight about the competition.


Image of a Nylon thread showing
Image of a Nylon thread showing its fragility when being teared apart. In fact, Nylon is a classic type of polymer commonly adopted in clothing industry