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Too Hot to Stop!  
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Author : Steve Webb
Publisher : Collins Education
Publishing Date : 01/09/2010
Category :

Colour : Four-Colour
Packing : Paperback
No. of pages : 24 pages

ISBN : 9780007336081
Price : HK$ 56.00
Publishing Place : United Kingdom
Online bookstore/publishers : http://www.transglobalpsl.com

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About the Book :
In the desert in the East where the sand is so hot,
Hoppit the Gazelle likes to hop, hop, hop!
Join the desert animals, who are too hot to stop!

About Collins Big Cat:
Collins Big Cat is an outstanding guided reading series for 3-11 years old, offers over 300 fiction and non-fiction books by top authors and illustrators. Covering a board subject range and styles, the Big Cat will develop children's love for reading.

'Too Hot to Stop' is a poem for ages 5-6.

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