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Internet (the good, the bad, and the harmful) (id:72508) Name : Theodore Leung (ice-leu0137)
The internet may be a good place to play games fitting your gender. Little kids may like legos, girls my like puzzle and boys action and more. The internet fits mostly for boys (as male is my gender) and girls a little. But though it may be resourceful for projects and such it may be harmful. Inapropriate use my cause entrences for threats to identity and such. Internet can also cause interest in harmful things such as swear words, pornography, and interest in drugs. On the other hand it can help learn and search for dictionaries or items online. It is the way you handle the internet. The way to take good care of it and yourself are by using monitoring sites such as Norton Safety Minder. If you are confused on dowloading or you can not buy and download go ask for permission first before going on computers. Making sure you have strong defences against viruses are the top priority. Also do not hack as to hacking may be caused to be hacked by others or if you are caught hacking you my be fined and imprisoned. When on multiplayer games or forums, etc. watch out for threats, inappropriate sites or bad language. Seeing and learning may be causing trouble at school or habits. Do not use insults or swear words online for it may be a habit. Learning the meanings of computer slangs are important. Some words may seems normal but they are not. Words like wtf may seem like words like what in the world but it is not. WTF contains a swear word at the end. As for others there are still some that people commonly use that contains bad language. I advise to use them. Internet can be bad for your eyes. Looking at internet for 30-40 minuites my help. Afterwards look at nature and far things for at least 10 or more minuites. That is all that I can say. I hope you enjoyed my advise and use the internet wisely.

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nickname-hyl-260980 (hyl-e8998_1444299823) on 2010-01-10
Divide this into paragraphs please. Also, it is not true that the internet is more suitable for boys, and it doesn't help much to tell everyone that you're a boy, either. (id:)
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