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Children should not be to allowed eat junk food.Do you agree?Give reasons. (id:72309) Name : virgin (ty8892)
Rencently,some people say that the children should not be allowed to eat junk food,but some other peoples suggest they can only eat a small amound but not too much.In my opinion,I think the second view is better.
First of all,the junk food is very oily.Such asfrench fires,hamburgers,chocolate,candys and so on,which have a lot of caloie and sugar.These will be harmful for our health.For instance,they can cause high blood pressure disease including heart dis ease.
However,if we do not allow the children to eat junk food,that is impossible because they feel wretched.Therefore,we ought to gime them suitably.For example,we set a list of the meal for every months to the children and point out which day can eat the junk food.
In conclusion,Ithink we should't not allow the children to eat junk food absoultely.In fact,we ought to educate the children how to choose the healthy food and eating the junk food temperately.Besides,we must make sure that the children know the junk food is detrimental for our health so we should eat it abstermiously

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ssyS (ued-s0945207) on 2010-08-07
Hi! Do you know that some parents also love to eat junk food? You may write more about that: in such case, the parents should also stop eating junk food ^0^ (id:)
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