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A day in the life of an ant (id:66035) Name : LEO (gb2621)
A boy called Alex who is an ant living in a village .One day he went out and found foods as usual, nearly to the road. He found a hamburger in a car. After having his lunch , he found that the car was driving to the city. "Oh no....." Alex shouted ! But no one heard him .Just because he was selfish , he did not want to share with anyone of his family . So he leaved the village far away. As he recognized he was wrong ,It was too late! Then he jumped and tried hard to find his way back . when his family discovered that Alex was disappeared . So they went and found him . Until at night they found him in the road side and he was injured . His family did not know what he had done , just hoped Alex could be fine!

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Kԯ (dc81994) on 2006-09-01
Whatever are you talking about?!What happened to Alex?What? ^^ e=.="fH (id:98365)
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