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A Day in the life of an insect (id:66016) Name : ()
I like eating honey. They are yummy. Do you know what insect am I? Yes, I am a bee.
Today is a sunny day. I love this weather because I am afraid of rainy day. It makes me wet. I wash my face and eat my breakfast. Then I start work. I fly to a flower. He is my best friend. He always gives me much honey. I help him to take the pollens to another flower. When I am flying, I look at the view of the forest. It is beautiful.
Oh! The sky becomes black. What is happening? I know it will rain after a while. I am scared. My friends, the flowers say, "Come here. We can help you. " I am happy. The rain falls down. It sounds like music. I dance in the rain .I am not afraid of it now.
The rain stops in the evening. I say, "Goodbye, my friends." Then I fly back home and eat my yummy dinner, honey.
The people always say I am hard-working. Actually they can work like me. If they work like me, they will be wealthier. So work hard is the best way to be good.

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