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A Day In The Life Of An Insect, Daddy Long Legs (id:65988) Name : kobe (ko232307)
.Daddy, please help, eight-legged the sucker comes again,・ a girl keep yelling and sobbing. That・s why I got my name, daddy longlegs. Every time those childish and coward girls see me, they will definitely ask their father for help. It・s true. I always freak them out.

Today, after I got some tiny bugs as my breakfast, I hang around and look for a chance to punk those human. Oh, there is a chance, a little girl who is holding a net to catch the butterflies alone in her backyard. I slowly climb on her toe, feet then leg, just one second after she discovers me, she can・t help of screaming, ha...

But gosh, her father rushes out from his chamber. Honestly, I scare of Daddies very much, its time for me to go or I would definitely kill by this daddyK

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