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<> (id:65974) Name : ann wong (an125253)
One day,a Insect king was discussing how to drop magic liquidd into the boy ears.They are difficult and dangerous to nearby the boy,since they are tiny, but they wanted the boy to know that destroyed someone's family was a terrible manner. A Insect hero decided sneaky shinnying up the body of the boy and drop the magic liquid into his eyes when the boy was sleeping.
In that night,a insect hero who solitary to folllow the boy.Luckly the boy didn't attack it and he used to get in the bed so a insect hero was successful.At the moment the boy got up the bed,who was peering at around,he thought everythings were hurge and he saw the insect sat near him, his heart beating like a drum.
Therefore the insect said"you must built new house for us,otherwise you could not to recovered yourself.The boy finally rememger everything he was regret and ashamed so he hard to built the new house everyday and he is extremely expect to meet his parents.
At the end he enjoyed amazing life of an insect because he has learned how to get along with other and how to treasure everything.

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