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The Day in the Life of a Vampire Bug! (id:65899) Name : 火焰戰神 (dc81994)
Last year,when I was in Texas , I suddenly found myself became an insect on the second day!Even my friends , became insects ; Neville & Eddie became ants and Jeffery became a bee!
Neville started the conversation,"Oh man!We had became BUGS!Cool!"I replied,"Sheesh , by the way , what am I , dude?"Eddie said ,"I guessed that you have became ...... a mosquitle!""WHAT?!""Relaxe",said Jeffery."I am relaxed!It's just that I ... can't believe I am a cool vampire bug!"I said.What a day!
We took shelter under a leaf and were attacked by a slimey frog!We took some stick to fight.Finally , the pest was wounded and hoppeed away.Phew!What a day indeed!
We were hungry.Soon we found an ENORMOUSE burger and eat.We then saw some ants coming , they cried."Oh , milord is here!""What do you mean?"I was confused."Why , you are our Lord Dracula , the two ants are Prince Burgar & Hot Dog , and the bee there is Duke Honey.""Cool!Awesome!",we cried.
The rest of the day was great , we ate and play.At midnight , our bodys were shining with fire , and we found ourselves human again!

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火焰戰神 (dc81994) on 2006-09-01
Sweetttt~ (id:98360)
火焰戰神 (dc81994) on 2006-09-01
Nice , isn't it dude? =] (id:98359)
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