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A Day in the Life of an Insect (id:65894) Name : ()
Hi, guys! I am a cockroach, Billy. He¡Khe!
Today I have a very very important job. Guess what? I need to leave my sweet, warm, comfortable home and go to the nasty little fat boy home. You know, he has plenty of yummy sweets, chips, and my favorite, chocolate in his home. Yum¡Kyum! Okay, here we go!
Ha! That disgusting clumsy boy is watching TV. Oh! He is holding my lovely chocolate. Let me get some too!
¡§Help! Help! Mum!¡¨
¡§What¡¦s the matter, dear?¡¨
¡§There is a cockroach on my arm! Quick! Get the insecticide!¡¨
Oh no! Ah¡KI must run¡K
Oh, thanks god. Oh my lovely chocolate.

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