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A Diary of a fly (id:65888) Name : ()
Dear the Dirty Diary,
I am Fly Kiu again. Last night, I watch the World Cup, so I got up very late today .I knew that I missed the save time for finding food, the time that the people haven't got up. That was a very "good news". I might be hit by the news papers or the sticky hands or bite by the chopsticks.
I feel hungry again, that mean I need to find food. I went out with my heart going up and down and up and down and up and down. I went thought the smelly road and tiptoe into a big and fine looking house.
Yummy! My god! Wow! Great! Yeah!
There is a very big and colorful and smell and creamy cake. I quickly flied to there and hug the cake.
And there is a very surprise for me too- news papers with sticky hands. They straightly came to me. I left turn myself. Oh! The news papers with sticky hands turn too! It hit me and I rolled on the cake. There was only white and silence.
Where am I? May be I am on the heaven! No! The white thing taste like cream.
I understand! I was inside the cake. Hey, I find a way to escape from the news papers with sticky hands.
Fly Kiu.

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