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A Day In The Life of An Insect - A bin-insect (id:65870) Name : Casey (ca563474)
Hi! My name is bin-insect. I'm form Krypton. I'm as big as a new born baby. My eyes are bulging. I can pop-it anytime I want. My mission? Well I was sent on the Earth to clean-up! I saw rubbish everywhere! Whats a mess! Don't worry my hands are made up of magnet. I can make the rubbish fly to the bin by pointing my hands. There's a lot of rubbish to clean up, so I can travel to one place in a minute. But the problem is, the Earth's rubbish is everywhere and people keep on throwing rubbish. I've got just 24 hours to clean. What should I do? I have to remind people to drop rubbish into the bin. Well! I guess I have to use my Kryptonite power. I will turn all rubbish into talking rubbish. The talking-rubbish will remind you where's the right place to drop them. Rubbish that are recyclable must put in the recycle bin.

I will do the same around the world in a week. The Earth will be a better place to live. Now that I finish my mission I will go back to Krypton and enjoy my Kryptonite-power food.

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CAJUN TAM (kc2633) on 2006-08-26
hi casey,my name is Lady Godiva.Bin Insect was a brilliant concept.What a creative idea for a young age.You have a good chance as a writer.Keep it up!!!!!! (id:98329)
Grace (gy5354) on 2006-08-21
This story is imaginative, keep up the good work, but it would be much better if the grammer is also taken care of. (id:98309)
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