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Module: Using my Five Senses

Unit: Our Clothes - Weather and Clothes

Level: KS1

Suggested Learning and Teaching Resources

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6. The Right Clothes

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Source: www.bbc.co.uk
Media: Animation 
Resources Types: Games 

Learning Objectives



Language Forms and Communicative Functions

Language Skills

  • Use adjectives to describe conditions, e.g. it is cold.
  • Use the interrogative pronoun 'what' to find out specific information about a person, object or event, e.g. What should I wear?
  • Use imperatives to give instructions, e.g. Help me dress


  • Locate or provide specific information in response to simple instructions or questions


Brief Description:
An interactive game to find suitable clothes for the weather

User Tips:

  • Listen to the instructions before playing the game.
  • Students must complete the first part before proceeding to the second part of the game.
  • After playing the game, students can talk about what to wear in cold or hot weather.

Other resources  

Clothes (Pre-Primary)
An ETV programme that introduces the names of clothes for different weather

Clothing interactive games
Spelling Hangman - Summer Clothes http://diy.fwg.hk/exercise.php?a=eng&e=sumclothes
Spelling Hangman - Winter Clothes http://diy.fwg.hk/exercise.php?a=eng&e=winclothes
Matching game - Clothes

Clothing Styles
A listening exercise for more able students about choosing clothes for different weather

Winter Clothing Workbook
A set of worksheets about winter clothes

Clothes Flashcards
Sets of flashcards about clothes

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