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Module: We Love Hong Kong

Unit: Knowing my community

Level: KS2

 E-learning Task (Brave Neighbours) - the main task is to write a news report about a robbery.

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6. Being Involved in my Community

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Source: www.primaryresources.co.uk
Media: Powerpoint 

Learning Objectives



Language Forms and Communicative Functions

Language Skills

  • Use the interrogative pronoun 'what' to find out specific information, e.g. What would you do?
  • Use the simple present tense to express simple truths and present situation


  • Use simple phrases and sentences to communicate with others with the help of cues


Brief Description:
A PowerPoint guiding students to think about what they can do in the community

User Tips:

  • Show the first slide of the PowerPoint to introduce the topic.
  • Elicit students' responses about the answers to the questions in the PowerPoint
  • Draw students' attention to the vocabulary and language structures in responding to imaginary situation..

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