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Module: Happy Days

Unit: A bag of laughs - Fairy Tales

Level: KS2

Suggested Learning and Teaching Resources

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6. The Realm of Fairy Tales

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Source: Mrs. Hoke@www-ma.beth.k12.pa.us
Media: Web page 
Resources Types: Project-based Learning 

Learning Objectives



Language Forms and Communicative Functions

Language Skills

  • Use the simple past tense to describe activities or events in a story


  • Recognize the format and language features of a variety of text types, e.g. fairy tales


  • Use story structure that comprises setting, characters, problems, events and solutions
  • Use appropriate formats, conventions and languages features when writing a variety of text types, e.g. fairy tales


Brief Description:
A WebQuest guiding students to analyze the elements of fairy tales and write a fairy tale

User Tips:

  • Click 'Introduction' to arouse students' interest in the topic.
  • Read the fairy tales in 'Fairy Tales Page' and use 'Fairy Tales Themes Chart' under 'Resources' to analyze the elements of different fairy tales.
  • Students can plan their own fairy tale using the 'Story Map' under 'Resources'.
  • Students can work in groups to write their own fairy tales and share with the class.

Other resources  

The Mermaid (P. 6)
An ETV programme about a fairy tale 'The Mermaid'

Fairy Tales Song
A song that includes different elements of a fairy tale

Fairy Tales Printables
Story Planner - A worksheet for planning a fairy tale http://www.abcteach.com/free/s/storyplanner_fairytale.pdf
Word Wall - Word strips about elements of a fairy tale http://www.abcteach.com/free/f/fairy_tale_words.pdf
Flashcards - Flashcards for playing matching game http://www.abcteach.com/free/m/memorygame_fairytales.pdf

Make a fairy tale
A worksheet for students to choose characters or objects to create a fairy tale

The Three Axes
An online fairy tale with audio recordings. Students can do the quiz to check their understanding of the story. Click on the left menu to read more tales.

Fairy Tales resources
A web-site with activities and crafts materials for different fairy tales

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