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Module: The Magic of Nature

Unit: Natural Disaster

Level: KS2

Suggested Learning and Teaching Resources

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11. Information about natural disaster

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Source: environment.nationalgeographic.com; CDC.gov
Resources Types: Articles 

Learning Objectives



Language Forms and Communicative Functions

Language Skills

  • Use the simple past tense to express past activities or events
  • Use the simple present tense to express simple truths


    • Skim a text to obtain a general impression and the gist or main ideas
    • Recognize the presentation of ideas through headings, paragraphing, spacing, italics, bold print and punctuation
    • Recognize the format and language features of a variety of text types, e.g. information text

    Natural Disasters & Severe Weather (By CDC.gov)

    Brief Description:
    List of web-sites providing factual information about natural disasters (e.g. earthquakes, floods, tornadoes)

    User Tips:

    • The resources are suitable for more able students.
    • Before reading, elicit students' ideas about different types of natural disasters.
    • Students can choose a specific natural disaster to further study and write a short report about the natural disaster.
    • The resources can be used  for project learning.

    Other resources  

    Writing task - Local news
    An online creator to write a newspaper report about a fire

    News story
    An interactive game about different elements of a news article. Click 'News Story' to start the game.

    Weather safety (By WEATHERWIZKIDS.COM - http://www.weatherwizkids.com)
    A web-site with information about the safety measures under different weather

    Rumble Tumble (By FEMA)
    An earthquake story written by a kid

    WebQuest: Natural disasters
    A WebQuest for students to carry out project learning to create a poster to educate the public about a particular natural disaster

    Stop disasters
    A games for students to build a community to prepare for a disaster

    What is weather?
    Information and interactive games about weather in different parts of the world

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