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Module: Food and Drink

Unit: We can cook

Level: KS2

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11. How to Make Mashed Potato

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Source: www.primaryresources.co.uk
Media: Powerpoint 
Resources Types: Powerpoint  

Learning Objectives



Language Forms and Communicative Functions

Language Skills

  • Vocabulary:
    • Verbs related to cooking, e.g. peel, cut, boil, mash
    • Ingredients: e.g. milk, potato, butter
    •  Utensils: e.g. peeler, potato masher
  • Use imperatives to give instructions, e.g. cut the potato into small pieces


  • Recognize recurrent patterns in language structure, such as word structure, word order, sentence structure


Brief Description:
A PowerPoint demonstrating how to change bulky sentences into imperatives when writing recipes

User Tips:

  • Teachers can show the PowerPoint to demonstrate how to write imperatives.Teachers should stop the slideshow from time to time to emphases on the sentence structure of imperatives.

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11 resource(s) | Showing resource 11 | previous   1   2   3  
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