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Module: The World Around Us

Unit: Telling Time

Level: KS1

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6. A Day at School

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Source: www.esl-lab.com
Media: Audio 
Resources Types: Assessment Tools 

Learning Objectives



Language Forms and Communicative Functions

Language Skills

  • Use the interrogative pronoun 'what' to find out time, e.g. What time do you go to school?
  • Use the interrogative pronoun 'what' to find out specific information about a person, object or event, e.g. What do you study at school?


  • Guess the topic and the likely development of the topic using personal experiences and knowledge of the world


  • Identify the gist or main ideas in simple spoken texts with the help of cues
  • Locate or provide specific information in response to simple instructions or questions


Brief Description:
A listening exercise for more able students about how a girl spend a day in school in Japan

User Tips:

  • 'Media Player' is required to play the audio script.
  • Before listening,  students could read the questions and predict what the content is about.
  • Students can do the online quiz individually and get the instant feedback or click 'Text Completion Quiz' to do it offline.

Other resources  

What's the Time?
An ETV programme about Furby and how the children help him make his day planner

What time is it?
A worksheet about matching the clock with the time


An audio vocabulary list about telling the time

Telling Time Worksheets
Sets of worksheets about telling the time

Telling Time
A matching game to match the times with the clocks


6 resource(s) | Showing resource 6 | previous   1   2  
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