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Module: Places and Activities

Unit: Let’s go shopping – In the supermarket

Level: KS1

Suggested Learning and Teaching Resources

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6. Food and Drink Partitives

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Learning Objectives



Language Forms and Communicative Functions

Language Skills

  • Use nouns or noun phrases to refer to quantities or units, e.g. A slide of pizza, a piece of cake
  • Use the modal 'may' to ask permission, e.g. May I have a piece of pizza?


  • Participate actively in an oral interaction


Brief Description:
A template of board game about quantifiers

User Tips:

  • Students should play the game in groups.
  • Students can set their own rules to play the game.
  • This game requires students' prior knowledge about quantifiers.
  • For less able students, do the revision about quantifiers before playing the game.

Other resources  
Food Quantities
An interactive game about food quantities, e.g. a carton of milk

Fruit Shopping
A worksheet about shopping for fruit based on the shopping list

Going for a Picnic
A listening task about buying food for the picnic at the supermarket

Help Reggie find the rhyme
A game about finding the rhyming words for the things in the supermarket

Nina's naming game
A game about naming the things that belong in a supermarket

Let's go shopping
A worksheet about writing a shopping list

What's in the cupboard?
A worksheet about putting the food items in the cupboard. It can be used to introduce the quantifiers (e.g. a bag of, a carton of).

6 resource(s) | Showing resource 6 | previous   1   2  
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