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Module: Places and Activities

Unit: Let’s go shopping – In a Shop

Level: KS1

Suggested Learning and Teaching Resources

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6. Buying Things - PowerPoint

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Source: CCC Kei Wa Primary School (Kowloon Tong)
Media: Powerpoint 
Resources Types: Classroom Activities 

Learning Objectives



Language Forms and Communicative Functions

Language Skills

  • Use the interrogative adverb 'how' to ask about prices, e.g. How much is it?
  • Use nouns / noun phrases to talk about prices, e.g. It's six dollars.
  • Use the modal 'would' to express preferences, e.g. I would like an ice-cream.
  • Use the formulaic expressions to get attention or interrupt in speech, e.g. Excuse me.


  • Guess the meaning of unfamiliar words by using contextual or pictorial clues


  • Use the simple phrases and sentences to communicate with others with the help of cues


Brief Description:
A PowerPoint about the dialogues in shopping

User Tips:

  • Teachers can show the PowerPoint to introduce the topic 'Buying things'.
  • Draw students' attentions to the language used in the conversation.
  • Students can play different roles in the conversations to practise the language used in shopping.

7. Shopping List

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Recommended Resources
Source: www.purplemash.com
Media: Web page 
Resources Types: Interactive Teaching Materials 

Learning Objectives



Language Forms and Communicative Functions

Language Skills

  • Use nouns or noun phrases to refer to quantities or units, e.g. a loaf of bread


  • Provide personal ideas and information based on a model or framework provided


Brief Description:
An online writing tool for making a shopping list

User Tips:

  • Before writing, students can discuss about the purpose of the shopping list, e.g. shopping for picnic, shopping for birthday party
  • While writing, students can drag and drop the pictures on the shopping list and type the list.
  • Students can put the mouse over the categories to read the hints, e.g. 'Treats - What other exciting things might you buy?'.
  • After writing, save the shopping list as a picture or print it out to share with classmates. (Example of a shopping list)

Other resources  

Pinky Goes Shopping
An ETV programme about a girl who has learnt to talk to shop assistants and learnt more about different kinds of shops during shopping

Shopping is Fun
An ETV programme about the shopping experience of two travellers in Hong Kong

Comprehension - Shopping
An online reading comprehension abut shopping for family members

My Neighbourhood
A story about different places we can go in the town

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