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Module: The Magic of Nature

Unit: Sea Animals

Level: KS2

Suggested Learning and Teaching Resources

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6. Dolphins

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Source: Educational Television Unit, EDB
Media: Video 
Resources Types: ETV 

Learning Objectives



Language Forms and Communicative Functions

Language Skills

  • Use the simple present tense to describe habitual actions, e.g. I swim in water.
  • Use adverbs or adverb phrases to express degree, e.g. They swim so freely in the water. They really love fish.


  • Identify the gist or main ideas by recognizing the stress in connected speech


Brief Description:
A short video clips about the habitat, the diet and the characters of dolphins

User Tips:

  • Click 'Play' to start the video.
  • Show the video in class to lead in the topic, sea animals.
  • After watching, students can browse other websites to find out more information about dolphins and share with their classmates.

Other resources  

Treasure Island
An ETV programme about camping and watching pink dolphin

Sea Animals
An audio vocabulary list about sea animals

A web-site to find information, photos about animals

Matching game - Sea Animals
An interactive matching game about animal names (e.g. seahorse, dolphin)

6 resource(s) | Showing resource 6 | previous   1   2  
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