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Module: Food and Drink

Unit: Favourite Food and Drink

Level: KS2

Suggested Learning and Teaching Resources

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6. Favourite Food and Drinks

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Source: ITE, EDB & H.K.R.S.S. Tuen Mun Primary School
Media: Web page 
Resources Types: Project-based Learning 

Learning Objectives



Language Forms and Communicative Forms

Language Skills

  • Use comparative adjectives to make comparisons, e.g. Chicken wings are more popular than sandwiches.
  • Use superlative adjectives to make comparisons, e.g. A packet of fries in Shop A is the most expensive.


  • Participate effectively in an oral interaction
  • Present information, ideas and feelings clearly and coherently


  • Use appropriate formats, conventions and language features when writing a variety of text types, e.g. letters



Brief Description:
An online project from a local school about writing a letter to give suggestions on what food or drinks to sell at the tuck shop.

User Tips:

  • Students can click on different sections and complete the project online.
  • Teacher can refer to 'Teacher Page' for the notes.

Other resources  

Food and Drink Cartoons
Comics about food and drinks, e.g. Butterfly, sandwich / Sand Which

Don't Forget the Souvenir
An ETV programme about how a prince enjoyed the delicious food in Hong Kong

People have different favourite food for their breakfast

Class Survey
Sets of worksheets and nutrition information for students to conduct survey about their favourite food in the fast food shop and how healthy they are

Food Adjectives
A set of worksheets about adjectives for describing the texture, shape and tastes of food

Quantifiers (a lot of, a few, a little)
An online sorting exercise about countable and uncountable food items
6 resource(s) | Showing resource 6 | previous   1   2  
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