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1. Grouping
- Work in groups of 4 to 5 
- Read the comprehension and answer the questions together
2. Reading
- Read the booklets about study tours to LondonSydney and Singapore.  
- Each member is responsible to read a booklet of a city only and becomes the expert about that city.
3. Analyzing information
- After reading the booklet, make use of the form to analyze the information about the city.  
  • Fill in the part you are responsible for. 
  • Play games, study tour and study tour activities, to familiarize yourself about the scenic points and activities in different cities.
4. Collecting information
- Browse the related links in  'Resources' to collect more information about the city.
  • You can find more information about scenic spots, food, entertainment and transportation of the city.
  • You can compare different study tours with the tours by different organizers.
5. Organizing information
- Meet your group members and complete the information collection table to get the whole picture of 3 cities.
6. Planning a study tour
- Work with your group members to do the planning.
  • Which city do you want to go?
  • When does the tour start?
  • How long does the study tour last?
  • What do you learn in the tour?
  • What activities do you do besides learning?
  • How much is the study tour? 

- You can make use of the concept map or table to organize the information.

7. Preparing the presentation
- What is the title of the study tour? ____________________
  • You should put the information under the following subtitles:
            About the city
            Weekday Activities
            Weekend Activities
            Travel around the city
            Things to Remember
8. Presenting your work
- Present your study tour to your friends in about 10 minutes.
  • Before doing the presentation, download the 'Presentation Skills' (PowerPoint) to learn about the presentation skills.
  • While you are doing the presentation, teachers and your friends are assessing your performance. Read the assessment form for your reference.