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overview of the cross-curricular activities.

2. Task Description:

Students are required to produce a Green Show to tell others in the school what we can do to protect the environment.

3. Subjects:
English Language and General Studies

3. Target:

P.5 students

4. Objectives:

-              Students can learn the reasons why we need to protect our earth

-              Students can learn the ways to protect the environment

-              Students can show the examples what they can do in daily life to substain the green life

-              Students can learn the use conditional sentences and imperatives to give advices
4. Language Focus (English Language):

  Use the connective 'if' to express conditions

       -        Use imperatives to make suggestions
       -        Use modals to make suggesions

5. Strand and Learning Objectives (General Studies):
Strand    Learning Objectives
People and Environment Knowledge and understanding
  • to understand people’s responsibility of environmental conservation, treasure and make good use of earth resources
  • to understand the cost of consuming natural resources and the various ways to manage and manipulate resources
  • to make wise use of natural resources and develop a lifestyle which promotes sustainable development
  Values and attitudes
  • to develop a concern for major local and national environmental issues

6. Resources:
       -       Worksheet 1 - Questions about the story 'Planet Earth'

       -       Answer Key to Worksheet 1      
       -       Worksheet 2  - Suggest ways to live green
       -       Worksheet 3a (Recycle, ReuseReduce, Replace):  Mind maps

       -       Worksheet 3b - Planning the scenes for the Green Show

7. Students' Work