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1. Grouping
- Form groups of 4
2. Finding out the problem
What happened to the Earth?

- Read the story '
Planet Earth'
  (Source: British Council)

- Complete Worksheet 1 in groups.
  n Each member is responsible to find out the problem of one part of the 'Planet Earth Museum'
  n    Discuss what happened to our Earth and why we need to protect it.

- Present your finding in class.
3. Collecting information
What is green life?
 Read the following websites and find out more about green life.     

What is 4Rs of environmental protection?
Read '4Rs of Environmental Protection'   (Source: Green Power) and answer the following questions:

What is 4Rs?
1. R_______________
2. R_______________
3. R_______________
4. R_______________
 Reduce, Reuse, Recycle?
Watch the movie 'Reduce, Reuse, Recycle'  and learn more about
what we can do to save the environment.
(Source: Brain POP) 
How to make green choices?
-   Play the game 'Make a Green Choice'  (Source: Environmental Protection Department, HKSAR) to exercise how to make green choice

-  After playing the game, read the notes about how to make green choice. 

If we do not have green life, what will happen?
Read the PowerPoint'Pollution' to find out what will happen.
(Source: Kei Wa Primary School (Kowloon Tong)) 

How green is your school? 
- Walk around the school with your camera to check how green your school is.
- Take photos
of the environmental friendly facilities, e.g. recycle bins, in the school
- Keep the photos for the green show
- Discuss with your group members to suggest ways to keep the school green
4. Organising & Analysing Information
Suggest ways to be green
- You should suggest at least 3 ways to have green life based on one of the 4Rs of environmental protection. CheckResources.
- Select the suitable mindmap (Recycle, Reuse, Reduce and Replace) for your group. Make use of the mindmap the organise the information. 

- Write your suggestions on the Worksheet.  
5. Preparing the Green Show
Plan the Green Show 
You need to produce a 3 minutes Green Show and present it in class next week. Check the assessment criteria for the show.

- Make use of Worksheet  to plan the scenes of the Green Show.  Each member should take up one role in the show. 
- Prepare the props and custom for the Green Show.

- Rehearse the show in groups.
6. Presentation
Present your show
Each group will have 3 minutes to present your Green Show. The shows will be recorded and be shown on Campus TV.

*Remember to speak loudly and clearly in front of the camera.
7. Reflection
- Evaluate your performance based on the self-evauation form.

- Evaluate your groupmates' performance based on the peer-evaluation form