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1. Form a group
In this project, you are going to work with others to find out information and write a booklet. Go and find 3-4 classmates to form a working group.
2. Brain Storming
Read the piece of information about the school in the old days and answer the questions

Warm-up exercise

Classify the pictures into different time boxes

Brain storming 
Read the PowerPoint to get the ideas about the changes
3. Book Cover
- Discuss among your group to decide    
    i.     Title of the booklet
ii.    Design of the cover
You should consider the number of words in the title which is usually not more than 10 words.
Do you need any photos or images to have better presentation of the project cover?
4. Write the introduction
- The introduction should include some facts about the school, e.g.     
When did the school start?
What did the school look like 75 years ago?
Did the name of the school change?
You can find the information from the school library, from the school past newsletters and school magazines. You can also find information from the school web-site.
5. Content of the booklet
- Choose the topics you want to include in the booklet
i.      School Campus (
e.g. buildings, classrooms...)
ii.     Facilities (
e.g. lighting, air-conditioner, computer…)
  iii.    School life (e.g. extracurricular- activities, school activities...)
    iv.    Curriculum (e.g. subjects, textbook...)
    v.     People (e.g. teachers, students...)
    vi.    Others (
e.g. uniforms, school song...)
Choose 4 to 6 topics 
6. Information collection
- Read the websites suggested in 'Resources'. You can divide among yourselves to read information under different topics.
Each member chooses one topic to study.
After reading you can put together the information using the mind map or table.
7. Drafting the content (individual work)
Now you are the expert of the topic you have studied. You should write about that topic.

When doing the writing, the questions on the worksheets may help you put your ideas together.
8. Editing the content (group work)
After individual writing, all group members should put their writing together to form the first draft of the booklet.
Edit the content
 i.    Check the use of heading
      ii.   Check the content
Check the language, e.g. spelling, grammar, agreement
9. Illustration
Select pictures from the 'Resources > Photo Gallery' or draw pictures to match your writing to give better presentation of the booklet.
10. Conclusion
- Writing the conclusion is a group work.
You can consider the following questions when writing the conclusion:

    i.      After finding information about the school, do you like the old buildings of the school?

    ii.      Do you like the facilities in the past or present?

    iii.     Do you like the school uniform in the past?
    iv.     Do you want to be a student in the old days?
11. Final Draft

-   Check the language,
i.      Check the grammar
ii.     Check the spelling

-   Check the reference, 
i.       Did you put the sources of information under ‘References’?
     ii.      Did you quote the sources of the picture?
Check the format, 
Did you check if the size of font is clear and big enough?
Did you check if the size of the pictures is suitable?
Did you put captions under the pictures?
12. Do the self-evaluation and peer evaluation
Download the evaluation form to do self-evaluation and peer evaluation.
Self-evaluation: To evaluate your own performance in doing the project
Peer-evaluation: To evaluate your partners' performance in doing the project  
13. Present your project in class
- You have 10 minutes to present your booklet.
- In the presentation, you should consider
     i.       The voice and body gesture in the presentation
     ii.      The content / organization / language for presentation