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English in the Air has lots of teenagers. HK teenagers speak differently from HK adults. And western teenagers speak differently from western adults.

Here are some common words and phrases that you'll hear on English in the Air. We'll add more every week. So, keep coming back!


Words & Phrases to Say "Good Bye"

Words & Phrases to Say "Yes"

Words & Phrases to Say "No"

Words & Phrases to Say "Good"

  Words / Phrases Meaning Example
1 awesome very good
That movie was awesome!
2 amazing very good It was an amazing trip.
3 cool great, fashionable This is a cool hat!


very The elephants are so cute.
5 totally very This jungle is totally amazing!

Extra Words

  Extra words Meaning Example
1 Man! Added for emphasis to a sentence, often to talk about something surprising.
Man, that's spicy.
Oh man! I had such a great time.
2 ...like... In the middle of sentences. Acts as a pause while the speaker thinks what to say next. He was ...like... getting lost on this ...like...big elephant.
I'm ...like... so excited about this trip.

Spooky Words

  Words / Phrases Meaning Example
1 spooky scary The film was so spooky!
2 creepy frightening Going to a haunted house will be mega-creepy!
3 weird strange, odd, mysterious
You're weird!

Are you nuts?

Are you crazy?

Are you nuts? It would freak me out if I saw a ghost!

5 freak me out frighten and distress me

Words & Phrases when You Meet Someone

  Words / Phrases Meaning Example
1 Hi! Hello Hi Kelly!

John... Maggie. What's up?
2 Pete... Lisa... Used when 2 people meet, instead of saying "Hi" or "Hello".
3 Hi everyone! I'm... Introduce yourself to a lot of people.
Hi everyone! I'm...

Heh! What's up?

Hello. What's happening?
Used like "How are you?"

Heh! What's up Stephen?

5 Nothing much!
Not much!
Same as usual.
Answer to "What's up?"
Nothing different/exciting is happening.

Nothing much. What about you?

Oh! Same as usual.


**Materials developed and written by English Schools Foundation

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