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Curriculum Material -  Introduce Energy

The curriculum consists of the Teachers・ Manual, 12 comprehensive units, including teachers・ guide, students・ guide and experimental equipment. In addition, there are case studies on the application of renewable energy at schools and a set of students・ worksheets contributed from teachers who voluntarily joined the SUSTAIN US pilot programme during academic year 2004/05.

Content Overview
Teachers' Manual V Science Background & Language Literacy in the Science Classroom
Provides overview of all units, science background, language literacy strategies and glossary.

Unit 1 Introduce Energy

Introduce definition of energy, concepts of energy transfer, energy chain, potential & kinetic energy.

Unit 2 Sources of Electrical Energy
Introduce various energy resources, including renewable and non-renewable. Identify advantages and disadvantages of each.
Unit 3

Electricity Use in Hong Kong-Survey

Use of a survey to let students know that electricity is the major source of energy for homes nowadays and introduce the concept and importance of sustainable use of energy to students.

Unit 4 Heating Water with Solar Energy
Investigate how to use the Sun・s energy to heat water and further develop understanding of renewable energy and tradeoffs involved.
Unit 5 Solar to Electrical Energy

Investigate how to generate electricity from the Sun・s energy and further students・ understanding of energy conversion.

Unit 6 Generation and Transmission of Electricity

Students learn how electricity is generated, transferred, transformed and used with the aid of video.

Unit 7 Energy To Go-Batteries

Explore students・ use of batteries; introduce rechargeable batteries and its sustainable use. Students to further investigate electrochemical cells.

Unit 8 Energy Use at Home

Students to identify & discuss ways on saving energy at home and to design energy saving plans.

Unit 9 Energy Use at School

Using students・ growing knowledge to investigate the school and recommend no/low cost ways to reduce energy use.

Unit 10 Efficiency of Electric Lights

Introduce the concept of energy efficiency of electrical lights, in terms of heat & light produced.

Unit 11 Controlling Radiant Energy Transfer Through Windows

Investigate the use of special film to reduce solar energy and heat transfer through windows into buildings.

Unit 12 Electricity from the Wind

Wind as a form of energy is introduced. Students will further investigate conversion of wind energy to electricity.

Case Studies Renewable Energy At Schools

Cases of schools in Hong Kong having renewable energy facilities at school and their ways of incorporating sustainable energy education into school curriculum syllabus, taking advantage of existing facilities at schools.

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