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Drag n drop
Gal Pal is giving Naz advice on what to wear for John's birthday party. Match the sentences to complete the dialogue.
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Web Quest
Check out this Newsround page http://news.bbc.co.uk/cbbcnews/hi/club/your_reports/newsid_3078000/3078370.stm . It's about Joanne, who becomes a model for a day. Read it and answer this question.
How many people watched Joanne modeling?
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Gal Pal gives great fashion advice. She doesn't think you need to spend lots of money to be fashionable. Here are some of Gal Pal's favourite websites.
This site has a comprehensive history of jewellery and clothing. You can learn about what people have worn in the last 5,000 years.
English in the Air V Lizzie McGuire
Lizzie isn't on TV right now but each episode page has a 'Fashion Focus' section. Here is an example http://www.hkedcity.net/article/tv2/LizzieMcGuire13/fashion.phtml . There are lots of fashion links and photos of cool Hong Kong kids wearing the latest gear!
Fabric Online
This site has lots of information on how clothes are made, as well as fashions in different cultures. I like the 'Fashion' section. You can see how clothes have changed in the last 700 years. Try the quiz at the end as well. I got full marks of course!!!
Newsround interview with fashion designer
Newsround is the BBC's teen news show. Their website has all the latest teen news around the world. Here's an interview with British fashion designers. 'Top Shop' is like Giordano or Baleno here. There are some great links as well.
The century in shoes
Did they really wear those shoes in the 1970's? You'll be amazed at what your parents and grandparents wore to look cool.

This is favourite clothes shop at the moment. It's in IFC Mall, above Hong Kong MTR Station. The clothes are comfortable and look great. If you find it expensive, you can get similar clothes much cheaper in Mong Kok.

The website has catalogues for men & women, as well as a "Trends" page. This can teach you how to dress in different situations.