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Welcome to the second series of Youth Speak (Youth Speak II), the hottest on line show in Hong Kong. You can learn English as spoken by teenagers all over the world. For the first series, click here
Episode 1 - Fashion Advice
New Words & Phrases
Naz thinks her boyfriend, John, dresses like a 'dork'. Watch the video and find out how Gal Pal, who knows everything about teen fashions, helps him look cool. How would you help John if you were Gal Pal?

Click "Start" to view the video and scripts.

Voting -
Who was your favourite character in this episode?
David (the X-Game manager) Gal Pal
John Naz
Questions -
Refer to the 'Notes' of this episode (on the screen above) and answer these questions.
(i) Which phrases are not parts of questions?

(ii) How many phrases are followed by a verb in the 'ing' form?

(iii) Which phrases are followed by verbs?

Your Turn
gooood job
give me more tips...the video is funny!
Thankyou so much for making such a cool stuff for us