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Links These links will be attractive to most teenagers.
Teen Time on RTHK
RTHK Radio 3 has a show just for teenagers. Find out the meaning of lyrics from "Songbite". Students discuss hot issues in "Open Space". You can listen online or download the best bits as podcasts.
News for teenagers
Channel One is an American channel for teenagers. The news is especially for young adults. Check the music section to find out about the latest sounds. The BBC¡¦s Newsround plays a similar role in the UK.
Gadget guide
Teenagers love gadgets. They're always talking about the latest mobile phones or MP3 players. CNET Asia reviews the latest electronic products in our region. Click on the videos to see how the gadgets work.
Best young adult books
There are thousands of English books written for teenagers. How can you choose one to read? Young readers can vote on this website. There are hundreds of titles. Is Harry Potter or Twilight number one?
Eating disorders
MTeenagers often have problems with self-confidence. Some teens, especially girls, have eating problems. Find out what they are here. This website has more details. Watch an interview with a girl who was anorexic here.
"The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" by Mark Twain
In this classic American tale, teenager Huckleberry Finn runs away from his drunken father. He gets into lots of trouble with his friend, Tom Sawyer. When they make friends with a runaway slave, Huck and Tom realise how lucky they are.
"Don't Tell Me What To Do" by Michael Hardcastle
Teenagers are often looking for adventure. A beautiful girl convinces Tom to dive down to a sunken ship to find missing diamonds. One man has already died trying to get the diamonds. What will happen to Tom?
About A Boy
Marcus lives with his mother, a single parent. Many classmates make fun of him. When he meets super cool Will, Marcus wants to be like him. Find out more at this HKEdCity website. The scene on stage is the funniest in the film.