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Links Here are some links related to Science Fiction. Visit them to learn more related information.
Jurassic Park
Dinosaurs are brought back to life in this amazing film. English Campus has a dedicated website which helps you remember the main characters and think about the dangers of cloning.
Dead Eric Gets A Virus ¡V Nury Vittachi
Nury Vittachi lives in Hong Kong and has written many books for adults and younger readers. In this sci fi story, Eric Watts downloads his brain onto a computer. This kills him but his brain still lives, and goes to school! Click on ¡¥Read an Excerpt¡¦ to see the first 16 pages.
The Truth Machine ¡V Norman Whitney
Professor Verity builds a machine which makes everyone tell the truth. That should be a good thing. There can be no crime. However, do you always want to tell people what you think? And the professor looks a little mad!
Read science fiction free online
Many great science fiction books are free to read online because they are too old to have copyright. This website has links to 10 of the best, including ¡¥The War of the Worlds¡¦ by H.G. Wells and ¡¥A Journey to the Centre of the Earth¡¦ by Jules Verne. ¡¥Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde¡¦ is about a scientist who becomes a monster when he takes a special potion.
The Sound of Thunder ¡V Ray Bradbury
What would happen if you travelled back in time and changed the past? Eckels does exactly that in this thrilling short story. He goes back in time to hunts dinosaurs. However, he carelessly kills an insect. How will that change the future? Read to find out.
Listening practice
This site has hundreds of audio clips of people talking about a variety of topics. Two are related to science fiction. Todd talks about his favourite movies here. What is his top sci fi movie? In another clip - Car and the Future, six people guess what cars will be like in 100 years.
How to write a science fiction short story
Writing stories is always hard but science fiction can be fun because you can make everything up! Who really knows what will happen in the future? This website will help you plan, find real characters, predict the future and develop a story. This website gives good advice on improving your language.
BBC Space
You have to know about space to write about it. This excellent site explains our solar system and how planets are formed, also taking you on a tour of Mars. Click on "Life" to see how humans are looking for friends on other planets.
Time travel video
Scientist Dr. Rob Mallet tries to build a time machine so that he can visit his dead father. He finds that it may be possible to travel to the future but not the past. Watch the clip if you don¡¦t believe us. The "How Stuff Works" website explains more.