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Our World As Asia's World City, Hong Kong welcomes guests from all over the world, including Turkey.
Baldvin Olsen comes from Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland. He is studying at Tuen Mun Government Secondary School through AFS Intercultural Exchanges this year. He also stays with a local family in Tin Shui Wai. Are Icelanders romantic? Has there been a war there? Read on to find out.


Iceland is about 800km northwest of the UK and over 300,000 people live there. Hong Kong has 6,570 people per square km. Iceland only has about 3 people per square km! It is famous for geysers, hot springs where water shoots in the air. "I live about 30 from a hot spring and drive past it almost every day," said Baldvin. "My family goes to the Blue Lagoon hot spring. We can relax in an outdoor pool in naturally hot water even if it's snowing. It's wonderful!"

"It's quite warm in summer and doesn't really get dark. In winter, it can go down to

School in Iceland and Hong Kong

"Schools in Iceland are very relaxed. We don't wear uniforms. There are no fences or discipline masters. Students can wear make up and earrings and even use their mobile phones. Some students, and all my family, have tattoos. It took me a while to get used to school life in Hong Kong but I have many friends here now. It's a fun city to live in and my host family is great!

At a disco in Iceland


I don't think young people in Iceland are romantic. Valentine's Day is not really celebrated. We hang out together and go to discos but my not many of my friends are ¡¥dating'. Most people get married when they are about 30.


The US occupied Iceland in World War 2. We were protected from Germany and the Americans helped Iceland to advance and ¡¥crawl out of our mud huts'. Quite a few Icelandic women married Americans during the war. Iceland has no army. We are a peaceful country and don't want to fight anyone. I like that!

With my HK friends, Ka Fung & Kathy

At a beach barbecue in HK